Assured quality and sophisticated technology

Precise technology and new possibilities
Quality backed by ISO 9001 certification

Imai Gikou sincerely tackles not only metal objects but also anything for which customers request polishing. As a company of polishing professionals, we always continue to open up new possibilities.
医Tools used in the medical field demand assured quality. We are confident that the polishing and mirror-finishing technologies of Imai Gikou, demonstrated by our acquisition of ISO 9001 certification that heralds quality even in the grinding industry, can meet our guarantee of precision. We meet the demands of the medical field through means including the adoption of a clean system and measurement instruments for evaluation after polishing, adding a level of reliability that we can submit in the form of quantitative values.

A fusion of our cultivated skills and the latest technology
Achieving precision that meets demands

Viewed as a whole, is your medical institution troubled by problems such as deterioration of metal components due to aging, or changes in equipment due to wear?
Imai Gikou can address these through our welding technology and high-precision metal grinding skills.

In every process from welding to mirror finishing, we achieve the precision needed. Please contact Imai Gikou for needs including repair and maintenance of facility equipment and of medical instruments.

Technology that adapts to any form

With experience and a track record in polishing everything from ultra-small to large items and even flexible shapes, Imai Gikou meets customers’ demands for accurate work.
With this unchanging stance, we will continue to address a wide range of industries, not only the medical field, through assured technology and quick delivery.

Imai Gikou supports the medical field

In polishing and welding, we do it all.
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