Proud that we polished it to the highest standard of #240000


Imai Gikou is able to polish any kind of mold to 1/1000-micron precision, drawing on the technology and know-how that we have cultivated in the mold industry. Imai Gikou can also perform polishing with fineness of up to #240000.
We achieve a high level of precision in the polishing of mold surfaces. Maintaining metallic mirror surface processing that fuses our accumulated experience with state-of-the-art technology, we are committed to work that delights customers.

Polishing sample #14000

Imai Gikou is able to perform polishing with fineness of #14000 or higher. Through adoption of the KOACH clean system, we have improved the work environment and can even take on mirror finishing up to #240000. While the difference in polishing precision can be seen in the virtual image reflected in the mirror finish, Imai Gikou also generates quantitative values for mirror finishing during our inspections.

Diamond finish

A #14000 diamond finish represents grinding work with a level of delicacy at which even dust particles in the air can damage the surface of metal during grinding, resulting in failure. With the adoption of the KOACH clean system, we prevent scratches due to particles of even several microns in fineness, allowing Imai Gikou to deliver jobs on time without delays in work.
Surface roughness data

Polishing sample #8000-#800

While finishing can be performed in a standard atmosphere for work of fineness up to #3000, work of #8000 must be performed in a clean room. For jobs spanning #800 to #1000, Imai Gikou works to achieve a finish that meets the customer’s request, with no irregularities.

Surface roughness data

Surface roughness data

Surface roughness data

Surface roughness data

Making precision visible

Preparation of the environment and quantification of precision

To prepare a clean environment that maximally draws out the skills of our artisans, Imai Gikou has adopted the KOACH clean system. We have also incorporated inspection equipment that makes the precision of ground molds visible, and have obtained ISO 9001 certification. To let customers better see Imai Gikou’s technology, skills, and precision, we will fuse these with state-of-the-art edge technologies.