Polishing any type of mold

We offer high-added-value technology to our customers through skills and craftsmanship accumulated over the course of 90 years since our founding, and through the readying of working environments and equipment that pursue ever higher precision, fused with cutting-edge technologies.
From fine cathode tips made of soft metal and three-dimensional shapes with complex forms, to large and heavy molds, the polishing experts at Imai Gikou can polish every kind of mold.
We are a company of polishing professionals

The pride of Imai Gikou

Polishing metal.
That’s the work in a nutshell, yet looking at a finished product, one can see whether or not the mold was polished by our company.
Working with that level of confidence, Imai Gikou makes grinding its pride.
The jobs that we accept from customers, primarily molds, come in every shape, size, weight, and type of metal.
We generally polish each of these by hand. We perform work of #8000 or higher in a clean room to achieve the mesh finish requested by customers.
We can perform special grinding with fineness of up to #240000, and are equipped with a 4.8-ton capacity crane to handle large molds.

Artisan skills and technologies

The jigs Imai Gikou uses for polishing work are made to suit the items that our artisans polish. For one die, a single artisan performs all of the necessary processes to ensure a uniform and consistent finish.
Drawing on 90 years of accumulated technology and skills, Imai Gikou specializes in polishing soft metals, 3D shapes, and large molds.

On-time delivery through assured technology

Imai Gikou has handled precision polishing that requires flatness, surface roughness, and accuracy. All of our employees share Imai Gikou’s pride in discerning the refinement of grinding and in a passion for polishing that reflects the smiles of customers.
We finish work to the precision demanded by customers, and, upon request, add the inspection results that we have adopted in-house.