Imai’s advanced technology

Imai Gikou’s technology finds use even in the field of art

The challenge of new fields.
Imai Gikou meets demands for polishing not only of molds and industrial products, but also demands in the fields of arts and sports.
With assured technology, we polish the works painstakingly created by artists.
We promise our customers assured finishing without unevenness through the hands of our craftsmen, for art works and tools of every shape, size, and weight.

Precise grinding technology

We polish anything made of metal, including the carefully created works of artists and tools that are used by professionals and amateurs alike.
A single craftsman takes responsibility for performing all processes, matched to the form and properties of the work.
Even in 3D shapes, we detect fine irregularities smaller than microns, down to the nano level, to help transform works into forms even more attractive through further polishing.

Polishing and welding technology

Imai Gikou’s advanced technology can create small and complexly shaped items by combining sophisticated polishing and welding technology.
We can handle curved surfaces and pointed objects for which processing is normally considered difficult.

From the millimeter to the nanometer level

Imai Gikou can handle everything from production of fine art works using precision overlay technology to name inscription on finished products.
Imai Gikou is a company of polishing professionals who deliver jobs that reflect the smiles of all those who see and use the works.

Delicate name inscription and art that showcase the craftsmen’s techniques

Imai Gikou supports the arts

In polishing and welding, we do it all.
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