Work that reflects our customers’ smiles
    Imai Gikou began in 1926 by hand carving molds for imprinting tableware patterns, a local industry in the region. Now, four generations later, we take pride in our status as a company of polishing professionals, able to polish any molds or metal surfaces down to 1/1000-micron accuracy, using know-how that satisfies our customers.
    All of our employees share the aim of work that satisfies customers under the slogan “Delivered on time through assured technology,” and have performed precision polishing under demands for flatness, surface roughness, and accuracy, on three-dimensional forms, small objects, large objects up to 4.8 tons, and even flexible objects such as electrical discharge machining electrodes. Equipped with welding machines as well as our grinding technology, we are able to deal in-house with insufficient overlay, a problem that has led to losses in conventional work schedules. By doing so, we offer our customers efficiency and cost reductions.

    Grinding & laser welding
    Imai Gikou also performs mirror finishing of new molds and maintenance of molds currently in use.
    In the past, in cases of design changes to molds, insufficient overlay, or sink marks and pinholes in molds, a mold had to be pulled up, the welding performed at another factory, and the mold brought in again. However, by placing welding equipment in-house, Imai Gikou can now perform one-stop mirror finishing and maintenance in-house.
    Loving our work, Loving the community, Loving the customer.

    Mirror finishing
    Imai Gikou’s mirror finishing, capable of polishing as finely as #240000, is a fusion of years of experience cultivated in the mold industry, the grinding technology of craftsmen, and the latest technology.

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    Laser welding
    By handling mold overlay correction in-house, we achieve cost reductions and on-time delivery for our customers.

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    Quantification of polishing accuracy
    We meet the needs of users around the world with industry-leading grinding

    Everything we do is to meet the demands of customers
    To make easily clear to customers that our grinding precision meets their requirements, we have introduced non-contact 3D surface roughness/shape measuring equipment that allows us to provide quantitative values.
    In addition, our adoption of the KOACH open clean system allows us to achieve industry-leading grinding as fine as #240000.
    Technology and creation
    Taking on the challenge of new fields

    Approach to the medical field
    We sincerely tackle not only metal objects but also anything for which customers request polishing.

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    Technology and creation
    Imai Gikou meets demands for polishing not only molds and industrial products but also jobs in the fields of arts and sports.

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    Acquisition of ISO 9001, the international standard for quality management systems, to further improve quality
    Never satisfied with our accumulation of 90 years of know-how, in February 2019 we acquired ISO 9001 certification under a quality policy of “performing work that reflects customers’ smiles.” We seek to be a company that can offer even greater trustworthiness and grinding precision.

    About Imai Gikou

    Case study

    You can see an actual comparison of mirror finishes from #800 to #14000, performed by Imai Gikou.

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    Overview of equipment

    An introduction to Imai Gikou’s equipment, including grinding and laser welding equipment.

    About our equipment

    Company profile

    An overview of Imai Gikou’s Quality Policy, Code of Conduct, Corporate Philosophy, and ISO 9001 certification.

    About Imai Gikou


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