Improvement of the workplace environment

Imai Gikou’s equipment and instruments consist primarily of equipment used in grinding and welding work.
We have also adopted instruments to objectively quantify the finish of the mirror finishing performed by our craftsmen, and will continue to improve our technology to meet our customers’ requests.

Details of equipment

ultra-high-precision overlay welders2
ALPHA laser welder (AL200)1
ALPHA laser welder (AL300)1
Sanwa Shoko laser welder1
lapping machine1
ultrasonic cleaner1
ultrasonic processing machines11
Engis 2D lapping machines5
vibration polishers2
shot polishers2
non-contact 3D surface roughness/shape measuring machine (Tokyo Seimitsu)1
ALPHA laser welder (AL200)今井技巧の機械設備・溶接・研磨機器
ALPHA laser welder (AL300)今井技巧の機械設備・溶接・研磨機器
Engis 2D lapping machine今井技巧の機械設備・溶接・研磨機器
Non-contact 3D surface roughness/shape measuring machine (Tokyo Seimitsu)今井技巧の機械設備・溶接・研磨機器

A fusion of machinery, equipment, and the hands of craftsmen

Mirror finishing

Diamond finish

Through a fusion of the latest technology and our polishing technology cultivated over many years, we create an environment that can achieve higher precision in mirror finishing.
With the increasing popularity of molded products that reveal a beautiful finish without painting, customers demand a high level of finish in plastic product molds.
Imai Gikou’s metal mirror finishing technology can achieve a high-precision finish. We take a firm pride in our mirror finishing of fineness up to #240000, the highest level in the industry.

Mirror finishing of game console mold
Welding (overlay)

Detailed of overlay correction and creation of sculptures

Imai Gikou applies laser welding and TIG welding separately, allowing visual confirmation of welding through high-precision microscopes even for work at the level of 0.01mm fineness.
We can perform welding even on curved surfaces that are considered difficult, and handle name inscription and artistic pieces as well.

Detailed of overlay correction and creation of sculptures